Born Naughty?

When children have behavioural problems, is it down to bad parenting or an undiagnosed medical condition? A very controversial subject. Channel 4 have produced a programme called “Born Naughty?” whereby Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies and Dr Ravi Jayaram help children with behavioural problems, and their long suffering parents.


Episode 1, which aired last Thursday 14th May, follows the story of Honey and Theo. Honey, 9, has been excluded from school after threatening to kill pupils. click here to watch on 4OD


Honey’s mother Stella¬† featured on BBC 4’s Woman’s Hour programme last Saturday 16th May to discuss the process of being involved with the programme, why she signed up and how it helped to discover her daughter’s undiagnosed condition of PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome). Listen here for full interview.


The next episode of “Born Naughty?” will show on Channel 4 this Thursday 21st May at 8pm.


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