Press release from Paul de Savary following the horrendous discoveries by BBC Panorama

Whilst no words can adequately describe the perpetrators of the systemic abuse at Whorlton Hall, the true villain of the piece is failed regulation. Abuse starts with the smallest issue not being spotted or acted on immediately, as over time it becomes systemic and cultural. Read Paul de Savary’s full press release below:

Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week, 11-17 March, is an annual global awareness week organised by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Its purpose is to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Most people have probably never given their brain much thought at all. But, for the 1 in 6 people who are […]

Medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy

Medicinal cannabis was made legal in the UK in October last year for some medical conditions, yet there are still no forms of medicinal cannabis licenced on the NHS to treat epilepsy, despite the success stories that we are hearing about.


There should be no ‘easy’ option, only the ‘right’ option. The right option for the individual – to give them a choice!

Government responds to petition

The Government has officially responded to a petition calling to put a stop to the detention of people with autism and learning disabilities in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs). Practices in ATUs includes the use of medication to sedate individuals, seclusion in padded cells, and physical face-down ‘prone restraint’ with the average stay being a […]