Medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy

Medicinal cannabis was made legal in the UK in October last year for some medical conditions, yet there are still no forms of medicinal cannabis licenced on the NHS to treat epilepsy, despite the success stories that we are hearing about.


There should be no ‘easy’ option, only the ‘right’ option. The right option for the individual – to give them a choice!

Government responds to petition

The Government has officially responded to a petition calling to put a stop to the detention of people with autism and learning disabilities in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs). Practices in ATUs includes the use of medication to sedate individuals, seclusion in padded cells, and physical face-down ‘prone restraint’ with the average stay being a […]

“Being a carer has good days and bad days.”

Charity Carers UK tells the story of a woman who within one year became carer to both her young daughter and her husband, while suffering from a disability herself… When Jocelyn’s daughter Amy was three-years-old she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which has resulted in multiple operations and requires extensive care. Just a […]


Over a quarter of a million men, women and children in the UK need access to public toilet facilities that go one step further than traditional ‘disabled toilets’. Facilities that simply have a handrail next to a toilet are just not sufficient for people with very complex needs or profound and multiple learning disabilities. Nathalie […]