The Transition Process

We’ve put together a 5 Step Guide to Transition to help parents navigate the process – it is posted on this site under Transition or find it by clicking on the links below. The Guide covers the types of things I discuss with parents every day – if you would like more information or to discuss […]

Fantastic Phoenix

Hugo and Kirsten plus some of the HFHC team joined Ann and me on Saturday night at a fundraiser for The Phoenix School, Peterborough.  And what an evening it was!  Over 300 people attended the Roman Themed Ball at the East of England Showground which was fantastically organised by Liza Schwarz, mum of Spencer who attends the […]

Visiting Homes 1: When and Who

Visiting as many homes as you can is an essential part of the decision making process you need to go through at Transition.  In many cases, Home From Home Care is the first visit parents have made so they are fairly new to the process.   Here’s three questions we get asked by nearly every […]


I met a mother not so long ago who told me about her son who had left school three years previously and was still living at home aged 22.  This young man has complex needs and a high degree of Autism.  She was tearing her hair out about him; she simply didn’t know what to […]

Parent Guilt

I was talking to someone who works for Home From Home Care recently who often comes to events with us, and she asked me, “why do parents react so emotionally when you talk to them about feel guilty as a mother?” It’s such a unique emotion as a parent of a child with Special Needs […]