Legal Aid for Out-Of-County Placements

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “what rights do I have as a parent of somebody with a learning disability in terms of making the choices about where they should be placed, particularly if that choice might involve an out-of-county residential placement?”   Many parents often feel disenfranchised during the placement […]

It’s The Bad Days That Matter

From a parent’s perspective when it comes to describing your children or child we all want to talk up the abilities of our ‘normal’ children.  We have this concept that we want them to come across as being very successful, as being capable, and we tend to look on the sunny side of everything. This […]

Laura’s Two Christmas’s

The first year Laura wasn’t at home for Christmas was very strange.  For 17 years we had had Christmas all together and I couldn’t help feeling we were ‘incomplete’ as a family that year.  I felt as most mothers do at this time of year; I wanted to have my children and family around me […]

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