Centre for Social Justice

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) have been commissioned to prepare a report by the end of November for the government on residential care, which could influence future goverment policy in this area.

The CSJ was established as an independent think-tank in 2004. On its website (www.centreforsocialjustice.org.uk) it describes itself as follows;

“By combining hands-on experience, public involvement, academic rigour and effective political engagement, the CSJ has been able to work from a foundation that has sparked radical public policy change. Since 2004, we have set out over 800 ideas – published across more than 20 research themes – that would make a transformative difference in people’s lives. Many of these recommendations have influenced the political process significantly, revolutionising a tired debate about poverty and social justice”.

The CSJ are aware of the funding discrepencies between supported living and residential care. It requires testimony from people with relatives and friends in residential care. They would like to receive positive accounts about residential care – if you have a family member, or friend, who is currently in residential care, or has been in residential care, then you are encouraged to share your experience with the Centre.


If you are willing to participate, you can email the Director of Policy, Alex Burghart, at the Centre, Alex.Burghart@centreforsocialjustice.org.uk. Deadline is in November, so please make contact as soon as you can.


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