“Failed by tyranny of norm”

There is a particularly candid article currently featuring on the Guardian website, “The young people failed by society’s tyranny of the norm”, written by a young woman who has a severely autistic brother. The article reveals her views as a family member of a young person on the Autistic Spectrum and the experiences her family went through to fight for the best for her brother. Comments regarding the “battle which involved convincing the powers that be that he has potential at all” resonates strongly with us as parents; both with our own battle for Laura’s future, and also with meeting other parents every day who are battling the same.

Attached to the article are some rather controversial comments which also include some very interesting points and useful links. Please do have a look at this and let us know your opinion also!



“Jamie Oliver has dyslexia; his education was provided by a teacher quoted as saying, ‘to be honest, I never thought he would go far’ “.

Jamie Oliver on special needs

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