HFHC 10th Anniversary!

2015 marks a special anniversary for Home From Home Care, as we celebrate 10 years of making a difference to the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs. In 2005, we opened our first Home “The Old Hall” in Fiskerton, supporting 7 individuals with learning disabilities. We have now opened 5 ‘Micro Communities’ (consisting of 9 registered services – click here for more info on Micro Communities), supporting 73 individuals who are funded by 33 Local Authorities nationwide and leading happy, fulfilled lives of their choice.

Paul recalls “After looking at 20+ residential homes for Laura, in many cases gagging on the smell of urine and suffering total despair at seeing the meaningless lives that so many residents were being subjected to, we thought – surely to god we can do this better? The challenge was to create a model based on sustainability and legacy that always put the service user/patient first. In 2008, we were casualties of the credit crunch when Bank of Scotland withdrawed our agreed facilities. At the same time we were having to face up to structural changes in the learning disability sector which made us realise that survival lay with becoming a specialist provider able to support very complex people in a social care environment as opposed to an institutional setting. Operationally, this was a difficult ask. There is nothing like having to sell your home and work without a salary to sharpen your approach and reconsider every aspect of your business model!”

HFHC now employs 250+ staff, which includes an internal agency called HFHC Midlands, and delievers an extraordinary 1500 hours of staff training a month – with a focus to ensure all our staff are fully competent and confident in their knowledge of supporting each individual within our service, as well as to give staff professional development within their own roles.

Throughout January, Paul, Ann & Hugo will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with all staff who work for HFHC by inviting them all to a lunch event called “Our Past, Present and Future”. Watch this space for some very exciting news coming up for HFHC!


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