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Some recent documentaries on BBC iPlayer have been sharing in the lives of young people with learning disabilities at specialist residential colleges. Life, love, freedom…

A documentary on BBC3 aired recently to follow the story of 6 students with learning disabilities who are leaving their full-time residential college for good. They have just had the best time of their lives; building friendships and making memories – but the question is…what’s next for these young people?

The experience of college sets an expectation for the future, but transition is a difficult stage in any person’s life. This documentary really shows how tough the process is for these young people with learning disabilities who will go in such different directions after being so close for such a long period of time.

‘Life Begins Now‘ – BBC iPlayer


There is currently also an uplifting series on BBC3 called “The Unbreakables” about life & love at National Star College in Gloucestershire for young people with complex needs living away from home for the first time. The first episode aired last week on 30th July which followed the story of Bradley running for college president. Click here to see whether he was successful – “The Unbreakables – Episode 1” – BBC iPlayer.

Tune in every Thursday @ 9pm to watch the next episode, or watch on BBC iplayer.



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