Going the distance

AdS Featured Image for Blog PostsAnn de Savary says…

“Parents prefer to have their children as close as possible, as would I, however when looking for a suitable provision locally and finding all services lacking, you have to make a choice. For me, providing a fulfilled life for someone with learning disabilities, regardless of distance, is the greater priority, as all of our children inevitably leave home.When asked by parents if we could open homes in other counties, I always refer to HFHC already being “nationwide”, as 38 different Local Authorities have placed young adults with us.

Government policy is for Local Authorities to review existing placements and, if possible, for those placements to be made within county – but only if such a move will meet the needs of the person in question. (please refer to the Norman Lamb Report). I spend a lot of time advising parents who, following a visit to our specialist residential services in Lincolnshire, are only offered Supported Living for their very complex children.

Most of the time, Supported Living is the first and only choice parents are offered, as theoretically it is less costly to the funding authority than residential (as they can draw on other funding sources). Whilst this may be an appropriate move for some young people, for others it is totally unsuitable as, among other things, it does not provide the continuity and quality of staff to enable young people with complex needs to lead active and fulfilled lives.”

If you would like to come and visit our services to see how different we are, or if you would like to talk to Ann about her experiences, in particular dealing with the distance, please get in touch www.homefromhomecare.comĀ 



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