May Ball Bonanza!


The magic of HFHC social events – seeing a large group of individuals with very complex needs, who live in different homes across the county, together in one room enjoying and celebrating each other’s company and having a wonderful time. As a company, and more especially as parents, we look on proudly to see the achievements of every single person in the room – how far each individual has come since they moved in to HFHC, how well the staff know, understand and interact with the individuals they are supporting and also how effortlessly the whole event runs for all to quite simply enjoy themselves and spend time with their friends and family. It is tremendous what can be achieved when you place the right support around an individual to give them the same opportunities of a fulfilled life as we all deserve.


Every year we hold several social occasions where all our Micro Communities come together, whether this is the annual May Ball or Summer BBQ, a resident’s birthday, an Easter and Christmas party, or the Monday night club at The Coach House – HFHC’s day opportunities centre in Dorrington – where individuals from the local community get together with residents from across our Micro Communities to socialise. This is all designed to give the opportunity for all our residents to grow friendships and build relationships with each other, which is a crucial human need – socialising with peers is an important aspect of life for every individual , whether they have a learning disability or not. So these opportunitites for social and community integration are vitally important and should be a part of every person’s life wherever they may live.




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