Milestone Events

The Home From Home Care May Ball and Summer BBQ are two major events in the HFHC social calendar. These milestone social events for residents and their families are a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate, as well as building and encouraging friendships across all of the Micro Communities.

It’s really great that so many families make the journey from all over the country to be a part of the event – we currently support 73 individuals from 36 Commissioning Local Authorities nationwide.

Family participation in these larger scale events offers a fantastic opportunity to see and celebrate the exceptional achievements of their relatives in such a dynamic setting – something that perhaps a few years earlier would have been impossible. Seeing the results of staffs’ everyday interactions puts into perspective everyday issues and creates a window into fulfilled and happy lives.

To the casual observer at these events, the complex nature of the people we support is not apparent, as anxieties and challenging behaviours give way to participation and enjoyment – everyone loves a great party!

May Ball 2015

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Summer Festival 2015

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