Morrisons Quieter Hour

Supermarket shopping can be overwhelming – with noise from music, tannoy announcements and check out tills and so after a successful trial, Morrisons the supermarket chain has introduced a weekly ‘quieter hour’.

The initiative is designed to make it easier for those with autism to shop and will include dimmed lights, lowered sound levels and a reduction in movement of trolleys and baskets every Saturday between 9 am and 10 am.

To highlight the scheme, posters will be displayed at the entrance to the store ensuring all shoppers are aware.

Angela Gray, Morrisons Community Champion at Woking said: “I was involved in the initial trial as my son is autistic and we found that these changes made a real difference. The trial showed there is a need for a quieter shopping experience for some customers.”

The National Autistic Society says it is a “step in the right direction” and the chain joins a growing number of organisations holding ‘quiet hour’ and autism friendly events.

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