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    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

    Watch a short film to find out a bit more about our journey into the world of care.

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A Family Perspective

Petition. Make your voice heard.


  Last year the subject of young people with autism and/or learning disabilities being detained unnecessarily in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) gained coverage in national press. These in-patient facilities are intended for the short-term assessment, treatment and stabilisation of people with mental health conditions who display challenging behaviours. Shockingly though, there are young people […]

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Government responds to petition

The Government has officially responded to a petition calling to put a stop to the detention of people with autism and learning disabilities in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs). Practices in ATUs includes the use of medication to sedate individuals, seclusion in padded cells, and physical face-down ‘prone restraint’ with the average stay being a […]

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Mandatory learning disability and autism training debated

Two years ago, 18-year-old Oliver McGowan died after being given anti-psychotic medication against the wishes of him and his family. The teenager, had mild autism, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His family believe his death could have been prevented if relevant training had been given to healthcare professionals. As a result, his mother, Paula […]


International Friendship Day

Yesterday was International Friendship Day – a day to promote friendship across cultures, famously celebrated in South East Asia with the giving of cards and gifts. The UK may not share in this level of festivity; however the day is a timely reminder to appreciate our friends and reflect on what friendship means to people […]


Response to Petition

Recently we urged you to sign the petition led by Paula McGowan  – “Prevent avoidable deaths by making autism/learning disability training mandatory”. The Government have now responded to this petition, please read below: We want all staff to receive the support, training and professional development they need to support people with learning disabilities and autism, […]


Morrisons Quieter Hour

Supermarket shopping can be overwhelming – with noise from music, tannoy announcements and check out tills and so after a successful trial, Morrisons the supermarket chain has introduced a weekly ‘quieter hour’. The initiative is designed to make it easier for those with autism to shop and will include dimmed lights, lowered sound levels and […]


Book Review: The Language of Kindness – Christie Watson

Continuing our review series, we take a look at inspirational reading from Christie Watson who charts her life in nursing in the book, The Language of Kindness. ‘I have been a nurse for twenty years. But it is only when my dad is dying…that I begin to understand the importance of kindness and the depths […]


SeeAbility releases film

SeeAbility have released a new film for Learning Disability week. The film tells the story of Leanne who needs life changing Cataract surgery. SeeAbility aim to encourage people with learning disabilities to look after their eyes and have regular sight tests, and eye care professionals to make reasonable adjustments so that people get the care they […]