Paul speaks at Autism Central Conference

We recently attended the Autism Central Event in Birmingham, which was a great event with a good range of products & services on show for people with Autism as well as a valuable programme of workshops & seminars set up throughout the course of the day. Paul de Savary led an excellent workshop session on Transition into Adult services for People with Complex Needs. After going through the processes with his daughter Laura, and from setting up Home From Home Care, Paul is extremely knowledgeable in the transition process and believes it is never too soon to become educated on what options are out there for the future. It is you as parents who hold the power through knowledge, so it is important to make sure you are as educated as you can be to fight for the right support you need for your child. The session was a fantastic opportunity to share this knowledge with other parents when looking at their own child’s transition into Adult Services, and Paul was particularly keen to highlight key areas such as how Residential Care placements, especially out of county, are possible even if your Local Authority does not provide this as an option. This is unfortunately how the system operates due to various funding aspects, however it was ironic that a gentleman from Social Services was sat in the session promoting upcoming transition events for parents, but Paul was openly informed that Home From Home Care would not be able to attend as the invitation was not open to Residential Care providers. Which says it all!

Paul, and his wife Ann, are well informed and passionate speakers who regularly attend parents support groups and conferences, so if you have or know of any meetings or events upcoming that you would like Paul and Ann to speak at, please do get in touch and they will be more than happy to attend. Telephone 0800 587 0372 or email

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