I met a mother not so long ago who told me about her son who had left school three years previously and was still living at home aged 22.  This young man has complex needs and a high degree of Autism.  She was tearing her hair out about him; she simply didn’t know what to […]

Moving the Goalposts

We were very pleased to attend the National Autistic Society’s (NAS) event in Manchester last week.  For us, it’s a slightly different event because usually at events our main audience is parents whereas at the NAS Conference the main audience are clinicians, other providers and associations. We do this conference because it’s an ideal opportunity to […]

Parent Guilt

I was talking to someone who works for Home From Home Care recently who often comes to events with us, and she asked me, “why do parents react so emotionally when you talk to them about feel guilty as a mother?” It’s such a unique emotion as a parent of a child with Special Needs […]

Shaking Hands

I’m 59 years old, my daughter has been in one of our homes fantastically well supported for the last 5 years and yet I found myself getting up on the stage to talk to 120 parents going through the transition process and my hands were shaking. They weren’t shaking because I was nervous about talking […]

Parent Support Groups

It’s a very busy time of year for all young people in Transition, their families and the schools and colleges they currently attend.  Paul and I have been on the road for the last month going from event to event talking to parents, carers and teachers about the options for the future.  Although it requires […]