Are Agency Workers a Negative?

A question that crops up regularly from both parents and Local Authorities is whether we use agency workers to deliver care at Home From Home Care. There is a perception that agency workers are a negative aspect of delivering good care.  Whilst this may be true in some organisations, we feel that the issue goes […]

Staff Churn

A recent survey undertaken by Personnel Today reported that the staff turnover rate in the adult care sector was 19.3% and within domiciliary care it was 24.9%.  Also a study by the Residential Forum into workforce issues within residential care reported that ‘staff turnover rate in the sector has improved, but still around 36% of […]

Legal Aid for Out-Of-County Placements

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “what rights do I have as a parent of somebody with a learning disability in terms of making the choices about where they should be placed, particularly if that choice might involve an out-of-county residential placement?”   Many parents often feel disenfranchised during the placement […]

It’s The Bad Days That Matter

From a parent’s perspective when it comes to describing your children or child we all want to talk up the abilities of our ‘normal’ children.  We have this concept that we want them to come across as being very successful, as being capable, and we tend to look on the sunny side of everything. This […]

Duty of Care vs Choice

We’ve added another ‘Spotlight On’ topic: Duty of Care versus Choice. The debate is particularly relevant for those with complex needs who may not necessarily be able to compute 100% of the time what is in their best interests.  Please do let us know your thoughts on this as this is a fine line we […]