Laura’s Two Christmas’s

The first year Laura wasn’t at home for Christmas was very strange.  For 17 years we had had Christmas all together and I couldn’t help feeling we were ‘incomplete’ as a family that year.  I felt as most mothers do at this time of year; I wanted to have my children and family around me […]

Residential Care vs Supported Living

Paul de Savary’s thoughts on the current push by Local Authorities to move individuals with complex needs out of residential placements and into supported living environments. Go to the webpage But don’t just take my word for it.  Hear from Steven why he thinks it is important to have a home manager ‘on the floor’. […]

Parent Emotions at Transition

Through the course of talking to hundreds of parents every year the same sensitive topics come up in nearly every conversation.  I thought I would share with you some feelings, thoughts and realisations I experienced during Laura’s transition (and still do now) that might offer some comfort to those going through this tricky time.   1.  What’s best […]

Support vs Care

Simply caring for someone is not enough. Although the widely used term both in the industry and by people in general we believe ‘good care’ goes much further than simply meeting a person’s daily needs and ensuring their wellbeing. It’s the harder path to take as a provider, but it must be the future of […]

The Sunday Times – Article

The following article first appeared in The Sunday Times Think Tank section on 12th June 2011.  We thought it worth reprinting here as an idea of our response to the Winterbourne View scandal.   Banishing the Cold Comfort of Care Homes Carers should make the lives of the vulnerable more fulfilling.  Hugo de Savary explains […]